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Rally car racing, or “rallying” as it is often called, is popular for good reasons. It's an intense and fun sport that you can get into without having a million dollar sponsor. The adrenaline of the sport is accessible to those willing to modify their racing vehicle with performance parts and mod kits – or, of course, just invest in a car that's already been modified. Many of us need to build these cars gradually, however, as we continue to get into the sport. As a result, rally car parts need to purchased and installed gradually as we continue to go into it. But which ones should you invest in first?

Street racing: Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru

There are currently many places where you can purchase authorized OEM Subaru parts for excellent prices that beat the dealer. Included are parts for exterior, interior, mechanical and collision parts plus other accessories.

OEM is the original equipment manufacturer that manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed under the brand name. So as long as it is OEM certified you know you’re getting the quality brand named product for your Subaru.

So, you decided you'd get into racing. The thrill of the track – or maybe even the off-road – being tackled at break-neck speeds has been calling to you. Of course, you're not an idiot. You're going to buy a helmet. See the term: “break neck.” That will be all too literal if you're not careful. But you've noticed that there are a lot of racing helmets on the market, and you don't know which one to get.




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